Join the Crew

Membership Requirements

  1. You must be 18 years of age unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  2. Must have completed application and have an approved period suggestive costume.
  3. Must attend 3 events annually – parades do not count – and one event must be multi-day.
  4. For larger events, must assist with either set up or breakdown of props and games.
  5. Must be respectful of all members, event hosts and the public.
  6. When committing to an event, you are depended on. Should you be unable to attend, you must find a replacement.
  7. No monies will be discussed in ANY public forum.
  8. What goes on in the NEBP – STAYS – in the NEBP.
  9. 6 month probation period for all new members.
  10. Be functional at all events where alcohol can be consumed and of legal drinking age.
  11. If you resign from the NEBP, you must re-submit an application and be voted in by consul.
  12. 3 infractions will get you the Black Spot.
  13. HAVE FUN!

Membership Application

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Contact Info:
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Bio/Costume Description: